North Korea’s Latest Satellite Explodes After Launching

( North Korea launched a rocket with a military satellite on May 27 and it ended with an explosion.

The rocket dropped down and fell into the ocean after the failed launch. North Korea is attempting to increase its intelligence program, but this latest effort is a setback for the nation. The explosion was reportedly caused by a new type of liquid oxygen-petroleum engine.

The U.S. Indo Pacific Command denounced the North Korean effort as a “brazen violation” of several United Nations Security Council resolutions. The command said this action by North Korea may cause destabilization and security risks in the region and around the world. The rocket explosion occurred hours after meetings between South Korea, China, and Japan.

In the past, North Korea would refrain from testing weapons while China is holding diplomatic meetings with leaders of other nations in the region. North Korea denounced the efforts of the three nations for discussing the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The three nations are attempting to find peace and prosperity in the region, but North Korea sees the declaration as a “grave political provocation.” China attempted to weaken the threat of the declaration by making reference to the Korean peninsula and not just North Korea specifically.

On May 28, North Korea sent over 150 balloons filled with trash, plastic, and filth over the border to South Korea. The move is reportedly a retaliation for “propaganda” that South Korea has sent over the border to the north. The alleged propaganda included pamphlets, food, medicine, USB sticks, and radios.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of South Korea strongly condemned North Korea for sending the trash filled balloons over the border. They said it is a clear violation of international law and causes security risks for the citizens of South Korea. They further stated that any harm caused by the balloons will be North Korea’s fault and responsibility. The JCS called for North Korea to cease the “inhumane” actions immediately.

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