Pope Drops F-Bomb During Homophobic Rant

(Daily360.com) Pope Francis was quoted in Italian newspapers as using the f word that is a homophobic slur in a meeting with bishops.

The Italian word the pope used was “frociaggine,” which translates to “f*****ry.” The word was used in the context of saying that homosexual people should not be allowed in the seminary. Pope Francis has since apologized for using the word in his meeting with the bishops. The bishops in the closed-door meeting reportedly laughed after Pope Francis uttered the slur.

In 2005, the Vatican said the church cannot accept gay ministers, including those with “homosexual tendencies.” In 2016, Pope Francis confirmed the ruling from a decade earlier. In 2018, the pope told bishops that homosexual individuals should not be accepted as priests in the church.

Some people are surprised that the pope made these statements after he has called for a more welcoming and inclusive church atmosphere. In 2023, Pope Francis said laws against homosexual behavior are unjust because God loves all of his children the way they are. He asked Catholic bishops and church leaders to accept homosexual people into the church.

Sixty-seven countries in the world have criminal penalties for homosexual behavior and 11 can impose the death penalty for such behaviors. In the 2023 speech, Pope Francis emphasized that homosexuality is a sin, but not a crime. He said despite the behavior being a sin, gay people should be treated with dignity and respect.

The Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith released a document in April to say being a Christian requires the defense of human dignity. The statement said that Christians should be against abortion, the death penalty, surgical transition, war, sexual abuse, and human trafficking.

Pope Francis has previously called President Biden’s support of abortion incoherent since the president identifies himself as a Catholic. President Biden also has shown support for gender transition throughout his administration which is at odds with the church’s April statement.

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