WARNING: Check Your Holiday Stash for These Recalled Treats

(Daily360.com) – The food company Manischewitz has issued a recall of their Manischewitz Dark Chocolate Coins product. They’ve issued the recall because some bags may contain undeclared milk elements, which could be deleterious for people with a serious allergy to milk and milk-related products.

These Manischewitz Dark Chocolate Coins can be found nationwide but the large majority are located in the Connecticut, New Jersey and New York tri-state area. The troublesome batch reached stores between September 26th and November 28th of this year. Manischewitz’s Quality Control Department informed company management that a limited amount of Dark Chocolate Coin bags accidently had some Milk Chocolate Coins distributed into them.

The coins are easily differentiated between visually. The milk chocolate variety are wrapped in a gold foil with blue netting around each while the dark chocolate are wrapped in silver foil with red netting. If anyone has a bag and would like to check the numbers of the potentially affected bags they were from UPC code 072700200387 with Lot Code 2283.

Manischewitz has not received any reports of consumers becoming ill or having any issues to this point. They informed retailers about the potential Milk Chocolate Coins being in the Dark Chocolate Coins bags and gave them details about the recall. If a consumer has a bag from this recalled lot, they may return it where they bought it for a credit or full refund. They say should someone have any kind of medical episode they should contact medical providers immediately. Manischewitz asks anyone with questions contact them via telephone at 718-369-4600 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5PM Eastern Time or email [email protected].

The Manischewitz Company was established in the year 1888 in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was founded by Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz as a kosher food company in a small matzo bakery. Over the past 130 years the company has grown and continues to maintain its kosher compliant policy for the wide-variety of food products it offers.

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