Illegal Migrant Deportation Case Dismissed Weeks Before Murdering Cops

( A 19-year old illegal immigrant has been arrested for shooting two NYPD officers just weeks after being dismissed from court for deportation. Bernardo Raul Castro-Mata came from Venezuela illegally and has been living in Queens. He was arrested for shooting two officers Richard Yarusso and Christopher Abreu on June 3.

He came into the USA via the Eagle Pass border crossing in July 2023. Since then, he has been staying in a temporary migrant shelter in Queens. On May 6, his deportation case was dismissed. It doesn’t mean that he was granted asylum to stay in the United States, but his deportation was not considered a priority.

Castro-Mata was driving a moped in the wrong direction on a one-way street. That prompted the two officers to attempt a traffic stop. Castro-Mata left his moped and started running before he fired at the two officers. One of the officers was shot in the chest while the other officer was shot in the leg. They were both treated and released from the hospital on the morning of the attack.

Castro-Mata, in a previous encounter with law enforcement, allegedly stole a woman’s credit card after attacking her. He then used the credit card to purchase goods at a smoke shop. Charges are currently pending against the suspect.

The Biden administration has closed more than 350,000 asylum cases since 2022, which means the immigrants are not required to check in. The dismissal of the cases, much like Castro-Mata, means that they are not granted asylum, but they also are not likely to get deported.

Biden has faced harsh criticism regarding his southern border policies and the large influx of illegal immigrants that have come into the country since he took office in 2021. Biden signed an executive order that requires border security to send away illegal aliens seeking asylum if the seven day average daily border crossing is above 2,500 per border entry.

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