Trump Campaign Receives Influx of Donations After Guilty Verdict

( Donald Trump’s campaign shattered their previous single day fundraising record following the news that he was found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records during the “hush money” trial in New York.

The Trump campaign said it raised a total of $34.8 million in small dollar donations and $52.8 million total in the 24 hours following the verdict. Immediately after the jury revealed Trump was guilty on all counts, the fundraising website crashed.

Shaun Maguire of Sequoia Capital donated $300,000 and said the timing of the website crash is not coincidental. Multiple billionaires have declared their support for Trump in his 2024 campaign and have pledged to provide significant financial support. This includes Miriam Adelson, David Sacks, and Bill Ackman.

Trump’s team celebrated the fundraising haul. They said the citizens of the United States saw the political show trial and indicated President Biden was behind the convictions. Trump supporters commented regarding the verdict and said it “lit a fire” which sparked the fundraising record for Trump’s election campaign.

Joe Biden’s campaign has been receiving more fundraising dollars than Trump up until April when Trump raked in $76 million to Biden’s $51 million. Despite that, Biden had more cash in his campaign coffers at the end of April with $192 million compared to Trump’s $93.1 million.

Trump faces sentencing on July 11 after he had to spend most of his time in the courtroom rather than the campaign trail. A spokesperson for Trump’s campaign said that the former president is still winning despite being confined to a courtroom for six weeks and eight hours a day.

With more time to campaign, Trump said he is going to overturn blue states in this election, like New Jersey. The first debate between Trump and Biden is scheduled on June 27. Third party candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has filed a complaint to say that he is expected to meet benchmarks that are not required of Biden and Trump to get on the debate stage. It is unknown whether or not RFK Jr. will qualify to debate on June 27.

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