Tulis Gabbard’s Aunt Murdered

(Daily360.com) Tulsi Gabbard’s aunt was brutally murdered in Samoa after the suspect stabbed and beat her with a hammer. Gabbard is a former Hawaii U.S. congresswoman and she also ran for the Democratic Party nomination for president in 2020. More recently, Gabbard has been floated as a potential pick to be Donald Trump’s vice-presidential running mate.

Dr. Caroline Sinaviana-Gabbard was found deceased on May 25 at the home of a famous Samoan playwright, Papalii Sia Figiel. Figiel fled the scene of the attack and later turned herself into police. She was initially charged with manslaughter, but the charges have been upgraded to murder.

Sinaviana-Gabbard is the older sister of Tulsi Gabbard’s father, Mike. Mike Gabbard has served as a state senator in Hawaii since 2006. He made a statement regarding his sister’s murder and said she had a profound impact on his upbringing. He said the two were best friends when he was a teenager. Mike Gabbard said he forgives Figiel for the murder, but hopes that justice will be served.

Sinaviana-Gabbard was reportedly the mentor of the playwright who allegedly murdered her. The incident took place at Figiel’s home, which is also the community theater named GaluMoana Theater. The murder happened after an alleged argument, but the details of the dispute are unknown.

A friend of Sinaviana-Gabbard referred to her as a “brilliant writer” who didn’t deserve to have her life ended in such a brutal manner. Figiel is set to appear in court in late June 2024.

Tulsi Gabbard has been reportedly considered to be Donald Trump’s running mate for the 2024 election. Gabbard said she became good friends with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and was asked to be his running mate. The former Hawaii representative said she respectfully denied the offer. Gabbard recently said she would be honored if Trump asked her to be the vice-presidential candidate on the Republican ticket for 2024. She has been an outspoken critic of the Democratic policies after announcing her departure from the party.

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