World War 3 Threat Escalated as Russia and Allies Host Tactical Nuke Exercise

( Russia has teamed up with Belarus to do tactical nuclear weapons exercises, which is a threat that some think may start World War III. The Belarusian Defence Minister said the drills are a proactive way of being prepared for attacks or retaliatory strikes. Tactical nuclear weapons will be attached to missiles on warplanes to practice stealthy firing positions.

Russia warned that fighter jets given to Ukraine by the United States will be targeted by Russia, even if they are on bases outside of Ukrainian territory. The Belarus Defence Ministry issued a statement to say that the drills are being done for their own national security and should not be considered threatening acts.

Belarus President Lukashenko announced in April that they had received dozens of nuclear weapons from Russia. Lukashenko has warned that war actions between the east and west is requiring the country to stock up a nuclear arsenal for national protection. He said that any country or president that pushes them towards using nuclear weapons should be aware of the devastating impacts that could occur as a consequence of their actions.

Russia said that the United States and western allies are potentially going to spark a nuclear war by providing billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine. The Russian Press Secretary to Vladamir Putin said the actions of the U.S. and European governments are hostile towards Russia and may provoke a larger war. That is why Russia is conducting more military drills to be prepared for potential attacks. Another U.S. military aid package of $225 million was approved for Ukraine on June 6.

The Institute for the Study of War stated in January that it is unlikely that Russia and Belarus are intending to escalate the war in Ukraine by using nuclear weapons. Vladamir Putin has said the nuclear weapons in Belarus are under complete control of Russia. Putin also said that Russia doesn’t need to use nuclear weapons to defeat Ukraine.

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