City Decides Not To Fly “Thin Blue Line” Flag In Honor Of Fallen Officer, Chooses To Fly “Pride” Flag Instead

( Republican members of the city council in Wethersfield, Connecticut were denied a motion to fly a thin blue line flag to honor an officer who died on duty. The Democrats of the council said they couldn’t approve the motion because many people find the thin blue line flag to represent “racism” and “antagonism.”

Aaron Pelletier died on duty while making a typical traffic stop and another vehicle ran him over. The suspect was drunk and had drugs in his system at the time. Democrats on the council approved the pride flag to fly in front of town hall instead of the thin blue line flag. They also flew the pride flag at half-mast to honor Pelletier.

The move to fly the pride flag at half-mast was met with significant criticism by LibsofTikTok on the social media platform X and the commenters on that post. LibsofTikTok called the move “disgraceful” and said that people haven’t heard the story of Pelletier’s death because it doesn’t “fit the narrative.”

Pelletier’s wife gave a moving tribute to her late husband by calling him a man that exhibited the qualities of integrity and honor. She also said that her and their sons will forever miss him.

Pelletier made an afternoon traffic stop for a person not wearing a seatbelt. A pickup veered onto the shoulder and struck Pelletier as he was talking to the driver of the other vehicle. Pelletier’s K-9 companion, Roso, was in the vehicle at the time of the collision, but was unharmed.

It has been announced that Roso, a German shepherd that has worked alongside Pelletier for the last three years, will retire from service and stay with the Pelletier family. Pelletier and Roso graduated together from the academy in 2021.

Thousands of people attended the memorial services to honor Pelletier for his life and service. This included many police officers that traveled from throughout the region to pay respects to the fallen officer.

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