Could Your Poop Usher In Your Next Side Hustle?

Poop Side Hustle: How To Make BANK Off Bathroom Time

( – You might imagine a career that allows you to make $180,000 a year, but you probably never imagined you could make that kind of money selling your poop. Yep, the person with the right kind of feces could make $500 each and every time they sit down on the toilet.

The catch is that only 0.1 percent of people have the right stuff in their poop to rake in the big bucks. But a couple of other programs offer income of up to $1,500 a month for selling poop, and their health qualifications aren’t quite as strict.

Why Do Companies Buy Poop?

Everyone’s gut is full of microbes that actually help you stay healthy by killing bad things that come in through your food. Research has been growing over the past decade about how this microbiome affects people’s health.

In one medical condition, Clostridium difficile (or C. diff), a bacterium that infects the colon, patients are left in such agony that they are unable to leave their homes. The condition sometimes can be treated with antibiotics, but the infection often recurs after the course of antibiotics is completed. Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT) restore healthy microbes to these patients and kill the infection.

Research studies also are ongoing about whether FMT or other microbiome treatments might help with other chronic illnesses.

Who Buys Poop?

Three programs in the United States currently are signing up poop donors, according to The Penny Hoarder:

  • Human Microbes: This company is willing to pay $500 or more for each stool sample, meaning a daily donor could make $180,000, but it also has the strictest standards for donors. Human Microbes requires donors to be in “exceptional physical and mental health,” have a specific Bristol stool type, and preferably be under age 30. Human Microbes also would consider donors younger than 18 if their parents consent. Donors can live anywhere in the world that has access to dry ice. Donors will collect samples themselves and ship them packed in dry ice to the recipient.
  • GoodNature Program: This company pays $25 to $75 per stool sample with a maximum payout of $1,500 a month. Donors have to be 18-50 years old, normal weight, and non-smokers with no history of gastrointestinal disease or drug or alcohol abuse. Donors must live near one of their collection centers in Tempe, Ariz.; Cambridge, Mass.; or Irving, Calif. They must be willing to visit the facility at least three times per week for donations. GoodNature also pays bonuses for donors who donate 3-7 times per week for an extended period. Donors also must do a health screening every 2-6 weeks.
  • Poop with Purpose: This company pays $50 per donation, up to $1,500 per month. Donors must live in the Boston area to visit the facility there for donations. Donors must be 18-49, pass a health screening, and be willing to donate at least three times per week.

How to Become a Poop Donor

All three programs have an initial online screening application for potential donors. They are asked to provide a medical history and information about bowel movements.

Those who qualify after the application will go through clinical interviews and health screenings and submit stool and possibly blood samples for testing.

Human Microbe pays donors in advance the $500 plus the cost for dry ice and shipping. GoodNature Program and Poop with Purpose pay donors when they visit the facility to make their donations.

Anyone who meets the initial qualifications could feel good about getting paid to poop and helping those suffering from sometimes debilitating diseases.

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