Schumer Criticized for Saying He Wants Netanyahu Gone

( – Long-time Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) is receiving vast opposition to a speech he delivered on March 14th. Schumer took to the Senate floor and blasted current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him an “opposition to peace.” The central theme of Schumer’s speech was the need to reach a two state solution in the region and the obstacles that remain in the way.

Schumer cited Netanyahu as a problem, accusing him of putting his political career and power over the needs of his nation. The remarks from the Jewish-American Senate majority leader came as a shock to many because he’s been a loyal supporter of the Jewish State through his decades in elected office. Schumer also seemed to speak for Israeli citizens when he said he “believes a majority” share his position and want to replace Netanyahu. Schumer called for new elections with the hope that new leadership in Israel will be selected.

A swarm of responses to this speech on social media were sharp and critical. Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer called Schumer’s speech “disgusting” and wrote that an American senator should not interfere with foreign democracies. Fleischer added that the Israeli people are steadfast in their desire to defeat Hamas. Mark Knoller, formerly a CBS White House correspondent, made it more personal and wondered how Schumer would feel if he had a relative being held captive by Hamas. Former Senator Joe Lieberman, who is often hailed as a level-headed moderate, said Schumer’s remarks were “outrageous” and added that he doesn’t remember hearing anything like them in his life.

Netanyahu appeared on CNN, calling Schumer’s remarks “totally inappropriate” and said his interfering with a “sister democracy” would not be tolerated. The current prime minister said that it’s up to Israelis to elect who they choose. Netanyahu said Israel is not a banana republic and the only government that should be replaced is Hamas’ in Gaza. The prime minister also said Schumer is wrong about his belief regarding Israeli voters wanting change because 82% support his government.

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