Trump Visits Hero NY Bodega Worker, Met With 4 More Year Chants

( While Donald Trump was in New York City for his hush money trial, he made an appearance at a local bodega where an employee killed an attacker in self-defense in July 2022. The criminal, Austin Simon, went over the counter at tried to violently rob the bodega before employee Jose Alba stabbed the man to death.

Alba was initially charged for murder for his role in the incident, but the charges were later dropped after public pressure. Alba has since moved to the Dominican Republic. Alba was charged, hit with a $500,000 bail, and the bail was eventually lowered to $250,000. However, he couldn’t afford to post bail, so he was sent to Riker’s island. Alba has since filed a lawsuit against District Attorney Alvin Bragg for the inhumane conditions he experienced while on Riker’s Island.

The lawsuit also took aim at Bragg’s racial equity policies and claims he was racially targeted for being hispanic while the attacker was black. The city’s defense team requested the lawsuit be dismissed on the grounds that prosecutors acted with the best knowledge they had at the time.

Alba was not at the bodega during Trump’s visit. Trump visited with the two new owners of the bodega. People gathered outside and yelled ‘four more years’ and later sung the national anthem. Protesters yelled out ‘traitor’ and ‘fascist’ as Trump exited his vehicle to go inside the bodega.

A key aspect of Trump’s campaign message has been that Democrats are weak on crime. He has referred to Alba’s case as well as the death of Jonathan Diller, a NY police officer that was slain by a repeat criminal offender.

Trump expressed his love for the city of New York, but also said the crime has become very bad over the last few years. He said it is important to give the police the authority to their jobs. He also said his presidential campaign is going to focus on New York. He will be in New York for his trial four days each week.

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