Pelosi And Schumer Demand Netanyahu Resign Labeling Leader ‘Obstacle To Peace’

( U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi called for the resignation of Israel’s PM Netanyahu for his response to the October 7th attack from Hamas. Pelosi said that the Prime Minister is responsible for the lack of peace in the region and indicated his actions were the worst that anyone could expect because of the conflict escalation it has caused.

In March, Senator Chuck Schumer said that Israel should have a new election when the tension of the war de-escalates. Schumer further stated that Netanyahu has aligned himself with “extremists.” Estimates indicate well over 30,000 Palestinian casualties have occurred at the hands of the Israeli military since the start of the war while over 75,000 have been injured in the conflict.

President Biden has signed the $95 billion aid bill that was passed by Congress. In that bill, $26 billion is earmarked for Israel and the Palestinian people. Despite his approval for the Israeli aid, Biden disagrees with the actions of the Israeli military under the guidance of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Protests against Israel’s action sin the war are happening at universities around the country. Jewish students have been harassed and attacked amid the protests, and many have said they don’t feel safe on campus. Speaker Mike Johnson even called for the National Guard to de-escalate the Palestinian protests happening at Columbia University.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, denied any notion that the Biden administration would send the National Guard to college campuses. She stated that the governors of the individual states need to make those requests.

Netanyahu made comments denouncing the anti-Israel college protests and believes they should be stopped. He made comparisons between the actions of protestors on campus and what occurred at German universities in the lead up to World War II.

Organizers of the protests on college campuses have stated that the media is putting too much attention on aggressive, fringe protestors that don’t represent the movement that is largely guided by peaceful principles.

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