Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Firearms In Schools

( The Tennessee House voted 68-28 to approve a bill that would permit school instructors to carry firearms in school. The bill was already passed in the state Senate. Last year, a similar bill was presented to the state Congress. Democrats pushed back against the legislation, prompting some members to be removed from the chamber.

State Congressman Justin Pearson is one of the Democrats that helped organize the protest last year and was removed for doing so. In a social media post, Pearson said that this is a horrible day for the state and the safety of kids in Tennessee. He said that the Congress has decided to protect guns instead of children.

Approximately 50% of states permit instructors or other employees of the school to carry firearms on school grounds. Supporters of the law believe that armed teachers will prevent mass casualties from school shootings. Democrats that oppose the measure believe that allowing guns on school grounds will lead to more unfortunate mishaps and tragedies.

In order for an instructor or employee to carry a firearm at school, they will need 40 hours of school policing training. The heads of the school administration are required to approve any faculty that desires to carry a firearm at the school. The public will not be aware of the specific teachers that have a permit to carry guns on school property, but the local police department is required to be notified of this information.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has said he will sign the legislation when it reaches his desk. He said the most vital detail of the legislation is that it will give a new tool to faculty to protect children in school.

Those in opposition protested outside during the vote. Some parents have said that they have conflicting thoughts about the measure. One concern that was presented is that the firearm may not be stored in a safe location, which could allow children to access a firearm that wouldn’t otherwise be available on school grounds.

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