Trump Compares Bidens Administration to Gestapo

( Donald Trump said President Biden has a “Gestapo administration” during a speech at a fundraising event in Mar-a-Lago.

The Gestapo were the secret police of the German Nazi Party from World War II. Attendees of the speech said Trump made the statement after he was discussing the criminal cases he is facing. He blames Joe Biden and his administration for the multiple criminal charges he is defending himself against during the 2024 election campaign.

Trump said he always had respect for the office of the president until the first indictment arrived. He followed that by saying it was time for the “gloves to come off,” and the crowd cheered in response. Trump and the Republicans are trying to catch up to the Biden campaign’s fundraising prowess, but are severely falling behind. The Trump campaign bank account has less than half of Biden’s campaign at the end of April.

Trump said that Biden’s Gestapo tactics are the only thing they can use to win the election in November. This comes just after Trump celebrated the departure of Charlie Spies from his role as lead counsel for the Republican National Committee, who Trump described as a RINO. Trump was reportedly angry with Spies for criticizing election fraud claims from the 2020 election.

There was also heavy criticism against Trump for claiming political violence may occur if Biden wins and voters don’t think the election was held fairly. He made those statements in an interview with Time Magazine that was released on April 30.

At the Mar-a-Lago event, several other speakers took the stage, including Vice Presidential hopefuls Senators Tim Scott and Marco Rubio. In reference to Rubio, Trump said he is definitely considering him to be his running mate for the upcoming election. When Trump referenced North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, he said that Burgum is very rich. The Trump campaign managed to fundraise $78 million in the month of April, but is still trying to cut into Biden’s fundraising lead.

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