Lara Trump Displays Composure As She Deflects Podcasters Personal Attacks

( Lara Trump, the wife of Eric Trump and President Trump’s daughter in law, responded calmly to a listener of her podcast that asked if she was “as stupid as she appears to be.” In response, she asked the listener what they consider to be stupid. Trump said she only refers to the facts and provides information to her podcast viewers and listeners.

Trump followed up her counter questions with a statement about the stupidity of Democratic party voters who support a party that desires the deterioration of the United States. She said she assumes the listener falls into that group of voters. Trump also stated that those who vote for the Democratic party are swayed by emotion instead of logic.

Lara Trump was elected as the co-chair of the Republican National Committee last month. Trump continued her response to the caller by stating that she does her research and all of her statements are based on facts rather than emotion. She referred to a “bandwagon” that may appear to be all “sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows.” Trump further stated that voters who get on this bandwagon may realize in the future that she was right all along.

Other listeners made online comments supporting the caller by saying that Lara Trump is, in fact, as stupid as she seems. One commenter said the only thing people need to know is who she is “willingly married” to. Another commenter said they don’t believe anybody will ever say in the future that Lara Trump was right.

The RNC co-chair also stated that the one focus of the committee is to re-elect Donald Trump and to win Senate seats to take the majority from Democrats. Lara Trump recently stated that in addition to having poll-watchers on election day, the RNC would also like to have people there to “physically handle the ballots.”

In another statement about her father-in-law’s potential second term, Lara Trump said the next term would be “scorched earth.” She said President Trump would go “full throttle” because he has no ability to run for a third term in 2028.

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