Governor Newsom Shares Bizarre Abortion Ad

( California Governor Gavin Newsom shared an ad this week that depicts a police officer pulling over a woman and demanding that she exits the car to take a pregnancy test. The ad has received a lot of attention, including from Daily Wire host Matt Walsh. In the ad, two women are driving and see the sign that says they are a mile from the state line. One woman states that they are nearly to the state line and they are going to make it.

Then, the sirens start ringing as a police officer pulls the women over. The officer asks her to step out of the vehicle as he taps a pregnancy test on the window of the car. The next shot shows the driver of the vehicle bent over the hood of the car as she gets handcuffed by the officer. The voice over at the conclusion of the ad states that Trump Republicans want to criminalize the act of traveling across state lines to receive reproductive health care.

The ad was derided as “unhinged,” by Matt Walsh. The ad further encourages viewers to stop the attempts to criminalize reproductive health by visiting Gavin Newsom’s Campaign for Democracy super PAC.

Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Alabama are considering bills that would aim to prevent minors from traveling out of state for abortion care without parental consent. Even though the bills that are being referenced by the ad and Newsom’s super PAC are only related to minor girls, the website refers to “women.”

Newsom’s tweet on X says Republicans are attempting to criminalize “young women” and their ability to travel for abortion services. Newsom also announced legislation this month that would help citizens of Arizona to receive abortion care in California following the reviving of an abortion law from 1864 that is still on the books.

The abortion issue is crucial in the election season. Governor Newsom has signed over 12 abortion laws in California and is encouraging citizens from other states to visit California for abortion services.

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