Trump Wants Mike Johnson To Stay Gives Full Support

( Former President Donald Trump gave his full support to Speaker Mike Johnson following Marjorie Taylor Greene’s crusade to remove him from his position as Speaker. Trump said that Johnson is a “good person” that is “trying very hard.” Trump made the comments on a radio show hosted by John Fredericks. The presidential hopeful said that despite having a Republican majority in the house, Speaker Johnson cannot just do whatever he wants.

Trump pivoted to discuss the important goals for the Republican party during the election year. He said the desire is to increase the house majority and overturn the Senate. Trump said he would like to get rid of some of the Republican Senators currently in office and mentioned Mitt Romney as an example. He also stated the goal of getting some new, good Senators into office and winning the presidency.

On April 19, Representative Greene formally filed a motion that would remove Johnson as Speaker if the motion is successful. Rep. Greene has made threats to oust Johnson for supporting the vote on aid to Ukraine. The vote was passed in the house and is currently being considered in the Senate.

According to some reports, Trump has communicated with congressmen about Greene’s plan, calling it a “disaster.” Trump is concerned that this motion could hinder his ability to win the presidential election this year. Support for the removal of Speaker Johnson doesn’t appear strong, but Representative Thomas Massie has said he agrees with Greene’s call to remove Johnson as Speaker.

Meanwhile, Representative Brian Fitzpatrick said Johnson’s choice to allow the vote on Ukrainian aid shows his strength. Johnson said that the calls for his removal make no difference on the decisions he makes from his position as Speaker. He said it would not stop him from doing the right thing.

Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House, made a comment about her respect for Mike Johnson. She added that she hopes that Trump is not acting as Johnson’s puppeteer.

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