Kristi Noem Hits Back at Critics and Blames Fake Media Over Dog Killing Incident

( Governor Kristi Noem has doubled down on her position that killing her 14-month old dog was the right thing to do after receiving backlash.

Noem wrote about her dog, Cricket, that killed another person’s chickens. Cricket was a hunting dog and not a house pet, which led to an internet discussion about decisions that need to be made on farms regarding animals. People have been outraged by the fact that she shot the dog for not being a good hunting dog and for having a prey drive when he was around chickens.

Noem went on Sean Hannity’s show to defend her actions amid the backlash. On his show, Noem said that Cricket “massacred livestock” and also said the young dog attacked her. The original story regarding the excerpt of Noem’s book described how Cricket killed chickens, which are classified as poultry and not livestock. The shared details said that Cricket turned around and tried to bite Noem when she attempted to pull him away from the chickens.

Noem has said that the circulating story about the relationship with her deceased dog is “fake news” and missing important context. In the interview with Hannity, Noem said Cricket came from another family who thought the dog was too aggressive. She also said the dog was “extremely dangerous.” Those details were not mentioned in any of the media reports and it is unclear if that context is described in the book.

Noem further classified the decision as necessary to protect her small children. She shared the story in her book as evidence that she is willing to make hard choices and do what needs to be done. The story from the Guardian also detailed an uncastrated male goat that was smelly and aggressive. In that story, Noem shot the goat, but it jumped. The goat was hit, but it was not enough to make the goat die. She ran back to get another shell so she could properly kill the goat. The goat was not mentioned in Noem’s defense on Hannity’s show.

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