Biden’s Whitehouse Tying Up Lose Ends, Preparing For The Worst

( President Biden and his administration appear to be preparing for defeat with a slew of executive actions that are usually reserved for a President’s final months in office. The latest CNN poll gives Republican challenger Donald Trump a six point advantage over the sitting president on the national stage. Trump is also padding his advantage in vital swing states that are likely to determine the outcome of the election.

President Biden has been working on several new rules, including one that stops the development of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. That ban alone could cause significant economic impacts to the country for many years into the future. The area in Alaska is an area that contains the best prospects for domestic oil production. This goes against one of Trump’s primary election promises; he has said he will encourage drilling for natural resources and oil.

The top government officials in Alaska strongly oppose the new rule that they say will be harmful for the job market. The move will also increase reliance on foreign imports of oil.

Biden has also initiated a re-write of Title IX, federal assistance for student debt, and new emission regulations for power plants among several other executive actions. There are some initiatives which may be politically motivated to help him achieve a higher support of Black voters in the November election. That includes a halt to the banning of menthol cigarettes and the assistance with student loan debt.

President Biden’s update to Title IX has received strong criticism for removing women’s rights that have been in place since 1972. The criticism is on the basis that the law now protects students from discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Detractors have speculated that the new addition to the law will allow biological males to compete in girl’s sports if they identify as transgender girls.

Superintendents of schools in at least three states have said they will not comply with the rewrite to the 50 year old law. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is the first state governor to come out strongly against the changes made to Title IX by saying that his state will not comply with the changes.

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