Trump Makes Stunning American Racism Declaration

( Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that America has a strong anti-white bias that may be more prevalent than the racism against black people. The statement came during an interview with Time Magazine. During the discussion on crime, Trump also declared that the crime statistics are flawed and show an overall decrease in crime, which is not accurate.

In another controversial statement from the interview, Trump said that political violence may or may not occur following the outcome of the November election. He said that if Biden wins, “it depends” on whether voters feel the election was fair. In the interview, Trump said that Joe Biden is more dangerous than enemies from other countries such as China and Russia. He referred to Biden as “an enemy within.”

Trump went into more detail about his view that Biden and his administration are against people who have specific political or religious views, and that they are against white people. Trump also said Biden’s administration is against Catholics, though Biden is Catholic himself. Trump was asked how he would handle the prevailing sentiment against white people, and he indicated that it would be easy to handle. He also referred to the education system as being “unfair.”

Trump received backlash for his comments for equating racism against white people to racism against black people. Whoopi Goldberg strongly condemned the former president’s statement on the View. She said it was not right for Trump to compare the two groups of people and the level of racism that has occurred for either group. She said that Trump has not experienced having a family member “hung” because of the color of their skin.

Goldberg and her co-hosts have frequently taken shots at Trump for statements that he has made. They have also heavily criticized him for saying he would be a “dictator for a day.” Trump made that statement to imply that he would do some executive actions on the first day in office to encourage drilling.

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