Dem Strategist Has Epic Meltdown Slamming Young Voters As Panic Sets In

( James Carville, a Democratic campaign consultant, blasted young voters for rejecting Joe Biden as a candidate in the 2024 presidential election. Carville alleged that they wouldn’t have any rights if Trump wins the election in November. Carville summarized a common point that young citizens are not interested in voting for old octogenarians. Then, he screamed expletives.

Carville said voters who aren’t interested in voting for Biden should keep an eye on the activities in the Supreme Court. He followed up by stating the Supreme Court will remove all rights from them if Trump gets elected for his second presidential term. He added that the justices on the court are “illegitimate whores.”

Carville continued his rant by implying there is no “moral or legal legitimacy.” He further stated that the youngest voters in the country should mobilize to vote as if their whole future hangs in the balance, and said that his statements are not hyperbolic. Carville is concerned that the young voters, minorities, and men, are not supporting the Democratic party, which could lead to defeat in the upcoming election.

Recent polls indicate that Biden’s support among the youngest voting group in America has significantly dropped since the 2020 election. In 2020, Biden received 60% of voters between the ages of 18-29. Only 45% of poll respondents said they would vote for Biden in the 2024 election. That is still higher than the 37% that say they will vote for Trump, however, previous elections indicate the Democratic nominee needs a large turnout from young voters to win.

Meanwhile, a CNN poll for the 18-34 age bracket gives Trump an 11-point advantage in the youngest age group for the upcoming election. More than 20% of registered voters say they would support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or another third party candidate over Trump and Biden. CNN’s polling director said that many of the voters who are neglecting to support Biden in this presidential campaign poll did not vote in 2020, so the poll results may not be reflected in the election results.

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