Fetterman Blasts Biden In Stunning U-Turn ” I Don’t Agree With The President”

(Daily360.com) Senator John Fetterman offered strong criticism for President Biden for not being stronger about his support for Israel in the aftermath of an attack waged by Iranian-backed forces on April 13. Fetterman referred to the multiple weapons that were used in the attack, including 185 one-way suicide drones. He said there shouldn’t be any conditions to support an ally that has been attacked by hundreds of drones.

According to reports, President Biden said he would not back a retaliatory strike against Iran in a discussion with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Senator Fetterman said he disagrees with that position and believes the United States should have Israel’s back in the wake of the attack.

In the interview with CNN, Fetterman went on to say that Hamas thinks they are waging a successful PR strategy that is emboldened by the “fringe.” Fetterman said he would never give into the fringe position that helps Hamas during the ongoing war in Gaza. He also stated that Hamas is not willing to negotiate.

Fetterman thinks the media is neglecting to cover important issues related to the conflict, including where the hostages are and the next steps to be able to bring them home. In the interview, he stated his belief that the war could be ended if Hamas agreed to release the hostages.

Representative Greg Meeks from New York sided with the Biden administration’s response to the attack. He said that the United States should stand strong to support the right of Israel to defend itself, but urged caution in escalating the conflict by supporting a counter-attack against Iran.

According to a CBS news poll released on April 14, 42% of United States citizens believe the U.S. should support a Israeli retaliatory attack against Iran. 25% of the poll respondents support the U.S. getting involved in a strike against Iran as a response to the attack. A Gallup poll released at the end of March shows that the majority of Americans do not stand with the actions of Israel following the October 7 attack from Hamas.

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