Trumps Latest Remarks About Jewish Voters Could Backfire

( Donald Trump made a recent statement about Jewish voters that could backfire in his campaign to get elected for his second presidential term. Trump said that Jewish people that support Biden in November do “not love Israel.” He went further and said Jewish citizens that vote for Biden or Democrats should receive a head examination.

Trump made the comments April 8 during an interview on “Real America’s Voice.” Despite President Biden’s previous statements that Israel has a right to respond to the attacks on October 7, Trump stated that Biden is completely on the side of Palestinians. In Trump’s remarks about Jewish citizens, he said they vote for Democrats by habit.

According to the New York Times, this is the third time in a month that Trump has made comments regarding Jewish citizens who support President Biden in his re-election campaign. A Gallup poll from March indicates the majority of Americans disagree with the level of force Israel has used in response to the terror attacks on October 7. The same poll found that Republican’s support for the war in Gaza declined by 7 percentage points.

Meanwhile, an April CBS poll regarding the war in Gaza indicates that Americans are increasingly disapproving of President Biden’s handling of the conflict. The disapproval is not a result of supporting Israel, but more Americans believe that Biden should call for an Israeli ceasefire in Gaza.

Trump also made a statement that Jewish people supporting Biden should be spoken to. An X account for the Biden and Harris campaign responded to those comments. The post said Trump is threatening Jewish Americans and that he should be spoken to.

In an interview with Sebastian Gorka, Trump said that Jewish people voting for Democrats hate their religion. In September, the presumptive Republican nominee stated Jewish citizens that vote for Democratic candidates are voting to destroy the United States and Israel. Donald Trump has made several comments about Jewish voters during this campaign, but Americans are increasingly disagreeing with support for Israel in the conflict according to the most recent polling data.

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