Marjorie Taylor Green Continues Attacks On Speaker Urging Removal

( Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has continued her threats to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson for allowing the vote that led to the approval of $61 billion for Ukraine to aid the country in defense of Russia. Greene said that Johnson’s speakership is over after going against the Republican party on this issue. She indicated that Speaker Johnson was coordinating with the Democratic party.

On April 20, the House voted on the aid package that also approved billions of dollars for Israel and Taiwan. The Democrats overwhelmingly supported the measure with 210 votes in favor of the aid. The Republican party was split with 101 representatives voting for the measure and 112 voting against.

Representative Greene made an appearance on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo. On the show, she said that Speaker Johnson is coordinating with Democrats and pushing the Biden administration’s agenda. Greene said that Johnson should resign from his speakership. If he fails to resign on his own accord, she said he will be removed. The Senate is going to review the aid package bill this week and is likely to approve the bill. After that, it goes to President Biden’s desk to be signed into law.

President Trump defended Speaker Johnson in a radio interview with John Fredericks. Trump said he believes Johnson is a good man and is doing the best he can. He indicated that it is not possible for the Speaker to just do whatever he wants.

If a vote was held to remove Speaker Johnson, there would be some Democrats who would vote to retain the Speaker through the end of the term. One of those Democrats is progressive Ro Khanna. Representative Khanna said he has disagreements with some of the decisions made by Speaker Johnson, but believes he did the right thing by allowing the vote on the aid package in the house.

Johnson, meanwhile, has said that he is not concerned about the potential motion to dismiss him as speaker. He said he needs to do his job and indicated the threat of being ousted from his position is not going to deter him from doing the right thing.

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