Jewish Student Stabbed By Pro Palestine Protester During Mob Rally

( Sahar Tartak, a Jewish student journalist at Yale, was allegedly stabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag by a person who was demonstrating on campus.

Tartak was reporting on the protests at the campus when a large group of protestors surrounded her. The Palestinian protest had been bubbling up for about a week as a tent encampment was established in the center of the campus. There was a memorial setup for Walid Daqqa, a Palestinian terrorist. The protestors also had a model F-16 displayed and covered with red to symbolize blood.

Tartak said that her friend and her were targeted by the group because they were clearly Jewish. The demonstrators gathered around Tartak and her friend to block their ability to move and cover the protest. When her friend got separated from her, she was surrounded by protestors that chanted inflammatory statements and taunted her. People were showing their middle fingers to Tartak. At that point, Tartak said, a protestor waved a flag that jabbed Tartak in her left eye. The alleged perpetrator was wearing a keffiyeh that covered the person’s face.

When Tartak tried to catch the alleged suspect, the protestors blocked her in an attempt to protect the protestor that struck her in the eye. Other protestors in the crowd laughed at Tartak and nobody tried to catch the man that hit her with the flag. Tartak, following the incident, said that organizers emphasize the importance of wearing something over the face for the purpose of anonymity. That allows demonstrators to assault counter protestors and journalists without accountability.

Sahar filed a police report and an ambulance was sent for her. Sahar said that “violence is at the core of this movement” and that it is directed towards Jewish people and the West. Sahar said she knew an incident like this would happen because the University hasn’t done anything to prevent the escalation that has occurred. They have done nothing to de-escalate the situation and did not ask the police put an end to the protest after violent incidents happen.

Tartak, in her interview on Fox News, expressed her concern that protestors on campus have “joined the nazi party.”

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