Tucker Carlson Weighs In On UFO’s During Joe Rogan Podcast

(Daily360.com) Tucker Carlson recently posited a theory that UFOs are spiritual entities on Joe Rogan’s podcast. His view is counter to the typical notion of ETs that come from another planet or galaxy. Carlson said there is a lot of proof that the spiritual entities are coming from below the ocean and the ground. The former Fox News host indicated that the beings or entities have existed there for a long time, and at least as long as human beings.

Eric Burlison, and Tim Burchett, two Missouri Congressman, made comparisons between UFO sightings and Biblical entities. Burlison stated that the term “angels” to him means the same as a spiritual being that comes from another dimension.

Carlson stated his belief in the concept of UFOs as spiritual entities, but wasn’t able to answer other curious questions about the topic. He further stated that “whatever they are,” the entities have existed on Earth for “thousands of years.” He also stated that he is very sure and the evidence shows that they are “spiritual entities.”

Carlson provided more details on the theory by saying these beings are supernatural because they don’t operate in line with scientific principles or our Earthly understanding of how the world works.

Carlson referred to Project Aqua as a government program in which the details were accidentally leaked. The program showed no search results, but the program Carlson referred to is called “Kona Blue.” The documents were declassified by the Pentagon. The program intended to “reverse-engineer” any spacecraft they were able to get ahold of. There was no spacecraft ever obtained under the program, but the details were written by agents who anticipated recovering such an aircraft in the future.

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, disagreed with Carlson’s position about aliens when Carlson interviewed him in 2023. Musk said that there is no proof that aliens exist. He also said that if there was proof, he would tweet it out immediately. He indicated that tweet would be the most popular tweet of all time because it would finally be the proof that aliens exist.

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