All 51 Senate Dems Vote To Block Aid And Hold Israel Hostage

( On April 16, all 51 Democratic senators voted against a bill that would provide more aid to Israel. Republican senators insisted that the aid to Israel is necessary and should be passed as soon as possible in the wake of the attacks on the nation from Iran on April 13. The Democrats are requesting that Ukranian aid also be included in the bill and voted unanimously against the measure.

On April 14, a letter was sent by 100 bi-partisan representatives to House Speaker Mike Johnson to encourage him to hold a vote on a spending package that would provide aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Speaker Johnson said the House would consider aid, but would do so as three separate bills. The Senate Democrats are waiting to see how the House votes on the three individual aid bills.

Some House Republicans have shown strong opposition to Ukranian aid and have urged Speaker Johnson to not allow a vote on the Ukranian aid package. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has threatened to initiate a proposal to remove him as speaker if he does allow the vote to take place.

Multiple representatives made a joint statement urging a speedy vote and resolution for the sake of national security. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also indicated the importance of a speedy resolution, but said he is intent on waiting to hear Speaker Johnson’s proposal before making a decision on how to move forward.

Speaker Johnson had a meeting with Donald Trump on April 12 and they discussed the prospect of sending aid to Ukraine. Trump would consider sending Ukranian aid, but believe it should be a loan rather than a gift. Republican Representative Michael McCaul and Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee said it is important to provide aid to all of the countries in consideration rather than trying to pick and choose. He said the importance of doing so is very clear for the purposes of national security.

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