Biden Takes Aim at Climate Change Deniers

( – Joe Biden made his way to Texas last week to survey a portion of the controversial United States southern border with Mexico and opened his remarks by disparaging anyone who departs from his view on climate change. Biden was speaking to members of the US Border Patrol and others when he began opining about the recent wildfire damage in the area of Texas that borders Oklahoma.

Biden told the audience than prior to landing, his airplane flew over the devastating fire damage to more than one million acres of land. Biden remarked that he’s “flown over a lot” of similar fires during his three years as president. He then said this Texas fire was among the worst he’s seen and that it consumed more square footage than makes up the state or Maryland.

Then Biden pivoted to mock those who may not attribute the fire to changes in the Earth’s climate. He said that not believing climate change was to blame for the destruction was a “Neanderthal”-like comprehension of science. He went on to say that changes to the climate will “condemn” Americans to a “dangerous future.” He continued to fear-monger by stating that similar events will become more common, more destructive, and more costly. But then Biden provided some optimism by saying that “none of this is inevitable,” assuming that his government receives more power to restrict the behavior of the populace.

After remarking on climate, Biden turned to blaming Congress for the problems at the southern border. He claimed the recent Senate bill that was not passed by the House would have basically fixed all the issues at the border. He blamed political maneuvering for the failures of his administration by saying it is Republicans who are keeping the border open as a means to help Donald Trump. He then called on Trump to “join” him in urging Congress to pass the measure. Biden did not reference the 94 executive orders he issued beginning on day one of his presidency that many point to as the reason for the illegal alien surge into America.

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