Vice President Harris Demands Urgent Halt to Conflict

( – Recent developments have many wondering if Kamala Harris is now the cease-fire czar. The Vice President has previously been given the titles of border czar, artificial intelligence czar and gun control czar, but has little to no results to show for her “czar-ing.” Now it seems with pressure mounting and Democrat voter support waning, Harris may be trying to negotiate a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel in Gaza as early as this week.

Harris will not be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but instead will meet with Benny Gantz. Gantz is a member of Netanyahu’s war cabinet and is considered one of Israel’s top politicians. He’s also viewed as a rival to the current prime minister with many believing he has his eye on taking over that position sooner rather than later. A member of Netanyahu’s Likud Party told the media that Gantz was directly told by Netanyahu that Israel has “just one prime minister” and it is not him.

Netanyahu’s “tough talk” with Gantz would seem to make his arranging of a cease-fire highly unlikely. However, the Democrat Party feels like they are losing Muslim voter support in the United States due to their stated support of Israel. Harris was speaking in Alabama on March 2 and addressed the conflict. She said the starving people in Gaza are living in inhumane conditions and “common humanity” requires action by the US government.

Political observers believe the Biden administration would like a cease-fire to secure their base but Israeli officials have stated they do not want a cease-fire. Experts also believe making a deal with the terrorist group Hamas is likely worthless. All have been reminded there was an agreed upon cease-fire when their October 7th attack was launched on Israel.

Both Biden and Harris are seen as competing for credit among the left for achieving a potential cease-fire agreement. The administration has been vocal about wanting a two-state solution that the Israelis have stated is not an option for them. Nonetheless, experts believe Harris and the Democrats would like to arrange some sort of agreement prior to the Ramadan holiday that begins next week.

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