Israel Retaliates With Brute Force, Strikes Back At Iran

( Israel retaliated against Iran with a large number of drones and missile strikes on April 19. The strike was described by a source within the military as “limited.”

There was no communication about the attack with the United States, and the U.S. was not notified that the strike was going to occur. According to a Fox New report, explosions have occurred on the Isfahan province, the location of one nuclear facility. It has not been reported whether or not the facility was struck in the attack, but all sites have been described as “fully safe” by the state media.

The Isfahan province is also the location of an air base. On April 21, BBC examined satellite imagery of the Iranian air base. They determined the images show “probable” damage to the base as a result of the Israeli attacks on April 19.

The specific target of the attack is unknown, but nuclear facilities and civilians were not targeted. A statement was released by G7 the day of the attack to denounce Iran for its Israeli attack the previous week. The G7 leaders encouraged Israel and Iran to de-escalate the conflict. They reaffirmed their “solidarity and support” for Israel while indicating both sides need to work to prevent more death and destruction in the region.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was asked for his opinion on the Israeli attack against Iran. He said that wouldn’t comment, but did say the U.S. has not been a part of any offensive attacks related to the conflict. He further talked about the focus of G7 and stated the intent is to support Israel’s right to defend itself, but also encouraging the de-escalation of the conflict.

An senior official of Iran reportedly informed Reuters that there is no plan or intent to retaliate for the latest attack. The news media in Iran reported on explosions, but stated that the sound of explosions were a result of air defense systems activating. They made no comment about missile or drone attacks from Israel.

On the morning of April 22, Israel Major General Aharon Haliva resigned after saying his division did not do a good job protecting the country from the attacks on October 7.

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