Legend Hollywood Director Condemns College Campus Antisemitism

(Daily360.com) Oscar winning director Steven Spielberg spoke out against antisemitism on college campuses at the 30th anniversary Shoah Foundation gala on March 25th. The Schindler’s List director was at the event to receive a University Medallion in commemoration of his work on behalf of the organization and Jewish people. Other honorees included Holocaust survivors, one of whom was the youngest person on the actual Schindler’s List, Celina Biniaz, who called Spielberg’s remarks “perfection.”

The director took to the podium after being bestowed his medal and spoke about what he sees as a growing trend of antisemitism around the world. He referenced the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas. He blasted the “misinformation, conspiracy theories and ignorance” put forward by Palestinian supporters. He said it is crucial for not only the United States but for the “civilized world” to stop antisemitism and all forms of hate. He said people who don’t “remember the past” are certain to repeat it. He said he feels the Jewish people will once again be forced to “fight for the very right to be Jewish.” The iconic filmmaker added that people can condemn both the Hamas attack and the killing of civilians in Gaza.

Spielberg singled out college campuses and said about 50% of young Jews on college campuses have reported some form of discrimination for being Jewish. A recent survey of college students also found that about 66% of Jewish college students report feeling unsafe at school.

On the morning of this event the UN Security Council demanded a cease-fire between the Hamas and Israel in Gaza. The UN resolution is along the lines of what the Biden administration has been pressuring Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to do for weeks. Netanyahu has resisted a cease-fire and has been steadfast that Israel will not relent until Hamas is destroyed. In response to the UN resolution and Biden’s support of it, Netanyahu pulled his representatives from a scheduled top level meeting with US officials.

Spielberg is an avid supporter of Democrats and was recently the co-host of a Biden fundraising event in December of 2023.

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