Over 200,000 Immigration Cases Thrown Out after Botched Paperwork.

(Daily360.com) The American bureaucracy may have found a new way of helping illegal aliens remain in the country though a consistent paperwork error. Over the last three years more than 200,000 illegal aliens have had their asylum cases thrown out due to this technicality. Prior to the Biden administration this particular error was found in less than 1% of all cases nationally but now in some jurisdictions as many as 50% of cases are tossed.

The issue at hand revolves around something called a notice to appear or NTA. Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) recently researched and then published a report detailing the widespread mismanagement of asylum cases by the federal government. NTA’s are supposed to be filed before the alien appears in court to plead his or her case for asylum in the United States. If an NTA is not filed in a timely manner then the court will not proceed, the case is tossed, and the alien remains.

The report illustrates the complete lack of transparency or adherence to policy by members of the Biden administration. The administration changed how the process was run and granted access to the Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security to file court dates for aliens. Previously, these agencies had no such ability, and in the time since they became involved the number of misfiling incidents has skyrocketed.

Looking into the numbers during the Biden administration we see that in 2020, 6,482 cases were dismissed over NTA misfiling. In 2021 it rose to 33,802, for 2022 it ballooned up to 79,592, it decreased a bit in 2023 to 68,869, and thus far in 2024 an additional 10,598 cases have been tossed out of court. For further perspective, between 2014 and 2020 fewer than 1% of cases were dismissed in this manner but from 2021 through today 8.4% have been dismissed. The highest rates of dismissals are taking place in the red state cities of Miami and Houston.

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