Crazy Highway Shootout Caught on Camera.

( A truck driver’s dashboard camera caught a high-speed shootout on a busy Georgia highway on March 23. Ronald Butler says he’s on the I-285 almost every day hauling loads around the DeKalb County area. He said what he saw shocked him and seemed like something well beyond a road rage incident.

The video shows the four-lane highway moving relatively smoothly when an SUV vehicle races up the right side shoulder and swerves past a car in the right lane to move in front of it. Once in front of that car, muzzle flare discharges from a gun are seen rapidly firing from the driver’s side window. The driver was shooting at another speeding vehicle in the far left lane across all three lanes of traffic. Soon after the shooting begins, muzzle flares from return fire can be seen coming from the black car speeding in the left lane. The occupants of the vehicles fired at each other while traveling at a high rate of speed before exiting the highway and disappearing from Butler’s camera.

Other drivers began to slam on their brakes as the shooting continued. Butler alerted police but they report that by the time they arrived close to the exit, the cars were gone. Although Butler’s camera showed clearly what took place it was not sharp enough to capture license plate numbers. Police say they are seeking to uncover more video footage and trying to locate witnesses to provide some more details about who those shooters may be.

Butler was able to slow down the almost 80,000 pound truck he was driving but said the incident was jarring. He told the local news that he’s seen all sorts of things in his more than ten years of being a driver including bad weather, animal incidents, all forms of crashes, and even a tornado. But he said nothing compares to what took place on that Atlanta highway right in front of him. Luckily, no one was injured and no accidents occurred as a result of the gunfire.

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