Oscars Host Jimmy Kimmel Ridicules Katie Britt’s Political Debut

(Daily360.com) – Left-wing comedian Jimmy Kimmel used the Oscar Awards telecast to insult GOP senator Katie Britt of Alabama. Kimmel spends much of his talk show monologues insulting people and politicians on the right and did the same while hosting the Oscar Awards on March 10th.

Kimmel was performing his monologue and while shifting in and out of his normal pitch to higher-pitched tones, he referenced actress Emma Stone. He mentioned that Stone was nominated that evening for the fifth time at the awards show. He said that this year she was nominated for her part in a film titled “Poor Things” in which she plays an adult woman “with the brain of a child.” Kimmel lacking depth then pivoted the joke and said that was like “the woman” (Katie Britt) who delivered the GOP rebuttal to Biden’s State of the Union Address on March 7th. The joke was met with mildly amused laughter from the crowd and Stone politely grinned in response.

The NBC late-night program Saturday Night Live (SNL) likewise took the opportunity to ridicule Britt. Actress Scarlett Johansson played Britt in a sketch that mocked her appearance, tone, surroundings, and even her cross necklace. The gist of the material delivered by the “Under the Skin” star was that Britt was a silly prop for Republicans who wanted to “appeal to women voters.” Johansson, portraying Britt, said she was “a wife, a mother and the craziest b—- in the Target parking lot.” The sketch and its insults would seem to be a departure for Johansson who had been a vocal advocate for the rights and freedoms of women in America.

Katie Britt has tried to rise above these petty insults, acknowleding that it was her first speech of that magnitude. She said she stands by its content. She appeared on “Fox and Friends” since her rebuttal and said her primary concern is the damage Joe Biden is causing in America and she singled out the fentanyl crisis as a lethal result of Biden policies.

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