Pentagon Rushes $300M Aid for Ukraine’s Ammo

( – The United States government is sending about $300 million in weapons and ammunition to Ukraine despite inventory shortfalls. The Pentagon is claiming that they are able to send HIMAR missiles and ammunition to Ukraine as a result of “good negotiations.” They are claiming to have negotiated a weapons contract that included paying $93 per round instead of their projected $130 per round, and as a result are showing a $300 million savings on paper.

Rather than use this newfound budgetary bonus for American interests, the administration immediately pledged it to Ukraine. The war-torn nation has been complaining to allies that it is running out of ammunition in its war with Russia. Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor, praised the decision and said the lack of ammunition has been costing Ukraine to lose terrain and lives. Sullivan couples these losses with American interests by saying when they lose territory Americans also lose. He said the gift of ammunition will “keep Ukraine’s guns firing” but warns this is only a short-term fix. He says Ukraine will run out of ammunition again in a matter of weeks.

The Biden administration is frustrated that the House has so far refused to take up a Senate bill that would send roughly $63 billion in aid and arms to Ukraine. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called this a “stop-gap” package that is “nowhere near enough” and says we need to send much more. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the minority leader in the Senate, echoes the statements of Biden administration officials and is pushing for the House to pass the tens of billions of dollars for the eastern European nation.

The US has been giving such large quantities of ammunition and arms to Ukraine that its own stockpiles have been greatly decreased. The Pentagon declared it is operating with a $10 billion deficit for ammunition due to the massive giveaways. Additionally, the US is currently experiencing a shortfall with missiles and the necessary elements to manufacture them.

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