Ariel Henry Agrees to Resign Amid Haiti’s Civil Turmoil

( – The prime minister of Haiti is stepping down as the nation descends into chaos. Many are calling the current situation in Haiti a “low-scale civil war” as rival gangs are overwhelming the small Caribbean island nation.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry said the violence and breakdown of order has led him to step down and he will do so as soon as a new presidential council is created and interim prime minister is named. Henry acknowledged that the current government cannot continue and a new government is needed if the country is to have any chance of staving off the gang warfare.

Members of the United Nations as well as officials from the United States, Brazil, Mexico, France, and Canada have been meeting to strategize about what they should do related to the Haitian uprising. U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken said his department has requested Marines be sent to the island in order to protect American interests there. The US has allotted $100 million to be used toward the creation of a multi-national force in Haiti. Blinken also said the US will be sending $33 million in humanitarian aid to Haiti.

The man described as Haiti’s most powerful gang leader, Jimmy “Barbeque” Chérizier, has come out against the international community saying working with them would create more chaos in Haiti.

There have been videos circulating on social media alleging to show Haitian gang members burning and cannibalizing rival members. Other footage shows the destruction of many city buildings and reports of gangs releasing vast numbers of incarcerated criminals are surfacing.

On March 12th, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida, questioned military leaders about a potential large-scale Haitian migration into the United States. They acknowledged the potential of extensive mass migration from Haiti into the United States. Gaetz further pressed the officials about their strategy; he asked whether they will repatriate the people prior to entering the United States or let them enter. US Army General Laura Richardson would only say they have a contingency plan and would be “ready” for a mass migration. She would not commit to repatriating Haitian migrants.

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