White House Figure Under #MeToo Scrutiny

(Daily360.com) – First Lady Jill Biden’s “work husband” is considered “untouchable” and uses his status to get away with constant harassment, insiders say.

Anthony Bernal is Jill Biden’s most important staffer according to people in politics. They say he wields serious power both within the White House and the Democrat Party. People who work with and around the 50-year-old Bernal say he is often crude and sexually suggestive but they feel powerless to confront his behavior.

Just a few years ago the Democrats were praising a movement they called #MeToo which was characterized as an empowerment campaign meant to help victims of harassment be heard and find justice. Many people would post online using the hashtag and as a result a number of men in power were displaced. It would seem that standard does not apply to the White House if what is alleged about Bernal is true. Staffers say the openly gay aide often speculates about the genitalia of staff and that he muses out loud about the sexual prowess of others.

At least four anonymous White House staffers have come forward to recount stories of Bernal making them uncomfortable. They say he will often ask staffers if they are gay and gossips about the sexual proclivities of others. The staffers say his behavior reflects poorly on the Bidens because they continue to ignore it. Bernal has been written about before; in 2021 a Politico article detailed his “mean streak” but the recent complaints add new dimensions to his profile. Staffers say Bernal’s influence over both Jill and Joe Biden is “unmatched.”

Bernal’s behavior and recent reporting did elicit a response from the White House. On March 11th, the White House chief of staff, Jeff Zeints, gave Bernal enthusiastic praise and support. He said that he as well as Joe and Jill Biden hold Bernal in the highest of esteem. He said Bernal is known to be “gracious and tough” and holds himself to “the highest of standards.” Zeints went on to say Bernal has “many fans” among the personnel at the White House and is a dedicated public servant.

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