Biden Advances Staffers Despite Previous Blame for Security Lapses

( Joe Biden is promoting key staffers that he blamed for mishandling his documents just weeks ago.

This news comes just one week after Special Counsel Robert Hur’s Congressional testimony about Joe Biden’s multi-decade collection, transport, and storage of classified documents. Hur testified that Biden did not have authorization to have many of those documents, nor did he preserve and store them in a responsible manner. Members of the committee asked Hur if Biden did in fact break that law and asked if it would be reasonable for a potential juror to view that he did, Hur responded that was a likely outcome.

Biden had long denied any wrongdoing relating to having and storing these documents despite lacking the authority to do so. Prior to Hur’s testimony, but following the release of the report, headlines cited a part of the report where Hur stated that Biden did break the law, but was likely too mentally unwell to be found guilty at trial.

In response to this story, Biden held a unique and rare evening press conference. A combative Biden shouted at reporters, proclaimed his innocence, and remarked that his only guilt was in poorly supervising his staff. He said his staff was responsible for the transportation of these documents and any wrongdoing was therefore committed by them.

Most of the staff he would have been referring to is still under his employ and several work at the White House currently. Annie Tomasini, who has been with Biden since his time in the Senate, was promoted to the plum position of deputy White House Chief of Staff. Another staffer, Richard Ruffner, Jill Biden’s onetime special assistant, was then elevated to Tomasini’s former position, becoming the new director of Oval Office operations. The White House has refused to allow Tomasini to be interviewed by the House Oversight Committee regarding the documents. The Committee Chair, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), blasted the administration’s refusal to allow Tomasini to be interviewed and then promoting her.

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