Isis Attack Suspects Arrive in Court.

( The four men arrested in Russia for the mass-murder terror attack of March 24 appeared in court earlier this week to face their terrorism charges. The attack was conducted at a Moscow mall and concert venue; the death toll has been reported at 137 with another 100 injured. Three of the four suspects have pled guilty to all the charges and all claim to be associated with the group, Islamic State in Khorasan, otherwise known as ISIS-K.

ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for the attack and has released footage from the incident. The four suspects are all from the former Soviet republic of Tajikistan and are now looking at life in a Russian prison. Russian authorities claim to have captured the men in a wooded area headed toward Ukraine. The men claim they were paid over the Telegram app to carry out the attack but are not sure by whom. This detail has led some experts to question the attack being sprung by ISIS-K, they say typically Islamic terrorist attackers do not look for payment or try to escape. Most terrorists of this kind are zealots and prefer to be killed while exacting as much damage as possible. Vladimir Putin suggested that Ukraine might be behind the attack during televised remarks.

ISIS-K has been in existence since about 2015 when it formed in the Middle East and operated in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. They have since expanded to have members within Asia and its members are described as especially vicious. Despite skepticism, Vice President Kamala Harris issued a statement reading that she is sure ISIS-K was responsible for the carnage.

Experts say the group’s mission is to create a “pure Islamic state” that would see the entire globe ruled by Sharia law. ISIS-K sees Western nations, Russia, and even the Taliban as its enemies. Some Middle Eastern experts say the animosity the group has towards Russia stems from its position during the Syrian civil war. These four suspects have been seen on video throughout social media with severe facial bruising. One man had his ear cut off and another was reported to have had electricity run though his genitals by Russian soldiers.

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