We Want Our City Back!

(Daily360.com) A well-known New York City restaurateur says the city has become a lawless, dangerous place and needs to clean up its act. Alan Rosen, the owner of Junior’s Restaurant, one of the most desired cheesecake restaurants in the city, is fed up with crime and poor executive decision making.

Rosen says the employees at his two New York City and one Brooklyn location tell him that they are uncomfortable living and working in the city. Rosen says crime and poor budget choices are the primary reasons for the decline. He believes that leadership needs to focus on making the city safe and viable for businesses.

Rosen spoke about a myriad of issues currently plaguing the city. He thinks tax money being diverted to illegal aliens staying in city hotels both wastes city funds and takes up hotel space that tourists could be using to visit the city. Rosen said crime is much higher throughout the city than it has been in many years; much of it due to the cashless bail policies legislators passed and judge’s use at their discretion. He notes that both sanctuary city policies and cashless bail directly contribute to recidivism and unsafe streets.

Rosen longs for the days of Michael Bloomberg’s mayorship when he believed the streets were safe. Rosen’s particular focus on crime is a personal one because his daughter was an assault victim in Bushwick, Brooklyn recently. Rosen did not call Mayor Eric Adams out specifically but did say the decline in the standard of living is attributable to the politicians in charge.

Rosen’s restaurant has been in his family for three generations and he believes the city can rebound if leadership takes a serious stance against crime. He said you can’t let criminals believe that doing things like looting a drug store and having open disrespect for law enforcement will be tolerated. Rosen, like many others, also believes that the coming “congestion pricing” of $15 for every car entering midtown will hurt businesses. He says a night in the city is expensive enough without adding more charges just for driving into Manhattan.

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