Mother’s Sickening Journal Entries Detailing Abuse.

( A YouTube influencer named Ruby Franke was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison for child abuse and frightening journal entries she wrote have been released by authorities. Franke wrote about her two youngest children being possessed by the devil and her frustration with what she saw as bad behavior. She details her various punishments like forcing her 12-year-old son to sleep outside and wear adult diapers due to lack of bowel control.

Franke, 42, is the mother to six children. Her sentence relates to the two youngest, her son and her nine-year-old daughter. Franke separated from her husband and moved with these two children into the home of her business partner, a “life coach” named Jodi Hildebrandt. Prior to their separation, Franke’s estranged husband, Kevin, said his wife became very intertwined with Hildebrandt’s personal life. Kevin Franke blames Hildebrandt for breaking up their marriage after she became his wife’s “therapist.” Kevin Franke said that Hildebrandt believed she was possessed by a demon and would implore Ruby to participate in exorcisms to bless Hildebrand and free her from this possession.

The children were rescued by police after Franke’s son escaped the home and asked a neighbor for help. Doorbell camera footage shows the emaciated boy asking the neighbor to take him to the local police station. The neighbor calls police while the boy is fed by the man’s wife. Later, police body camera footage shows them entering the Hildebrandt home, and finding the frightened nine-year-old girl sitting in a giant safe room, also quite emaciated.

Eventually, the girl left the home with authorities and both children were treated for malnutrition and bodily injuries. Among the injuries were very serious wounds on the boy’s ankles and wrists where the women had duct taped him. The children were also restrained by ropes and forced to sleep and lie on the floor for hours.

When arrested, Franke refused to speak with police about the children and requested a lawyer. The journals detail depraved abuse at the hands of both women seemingly due to their belief the children were possessed by demons.

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