Jill Biden Gets Heckled In Arizona

(Daily360.com) – While stumping for her husband, First Lady Jill Biden was heckled by “cease-fire” activists. In what is becoming a familiar sight, primarily among Democrat politicians, Jill Biden was chided and shouted at over the Israel versus Hamas conflict in the Gaza region.

Jill Biden has been making appearances on behalf of her husband who is losing support among most voting groups. Her strategy has thus far been to attack Donald Trump and Republicans as anti-abortion and dangerous for democracy. Mrs. Biden’s primary goal is to bring woman back into the fold and firm up their support for her seemingly frail husband. She tells stories about Joe Biden writing the Violence Against Women Act long hand on a series of yellow pads. No-one has ever seen these pads or confirmed the story but it is one the first lady likes to tell.

Jill Biden was speaking on March 2nd in Tucson, Arizona when activists described as pro-Hamas Democrats stood up and started shouting about wanting a cease-fire. The majority of the crowd tried to shout this down by chanting “four more years” until the loudest woman was wrangled and escorted out of the room. As Democrats lose supporters and draw opposition over Hamas on one flank, they are losing support over the open border and all the ramifications of it on another flank. Joe Biden’s popularity currently sits at a reported 37% with an arrow pointing downward. Biden’s surrogates will have their work cut out for them in the months ahead.

Lightning rod Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (D-NY) received similar treatment while at the movies with her fiancé on March 4. Cell phone video captured her berating a man in a mask who, along with a small group, had been following the Congresswoman demanding that she “call out genocide in Gaza.” As the confrontation moved from the theater and onto the street, her fiancé was quiet while AOC shouted to the protestors that she has “said it was” in the past and then accused them of wanting footage of her to later edit out of context.

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