Kentucky Couple Exchanges Vows in Gas Station Bathroom

( – A couple in Kentucky was looking for a unique location to exchange their wedding vows and chose a HOP Shops bathroom. In their defense this particular bathroom has a button that launches disco ball light effects with accompanying music. Tiana Alistock wed Logen Abney on Valentine’s Day of this year in the lavatory surrounded by the family and friends who could fit in the room and was supported by those who couldn’t fit but lined the adjacent hallway.

Alistock told local media that she wanted to have a wedding ceremony that was a “little different” from the normal chapel or similar surrounding. She believes this location will make for a fun story to tell the couple’s future children. She and Abney brainstormed several potential locations before settling on the HOP Shops men’s room. The chain is known for their unique bathrooms with light shows at the touch of a button. Alistock admits the idea was initially a joke between her and her boss but as time went on, the idea began to appeal to her.

Once the couple committed, Alistock said she felt nothing but excitement. HOP Shops were happy to host and put out a press release calling the wedding a “magical” affair. For customers who entered the facility unaware of the ceremony and looking to use the bathroom, HOP Shops offered them an apology and a free Fountain Pop.

Alistock created a long runway to walk from outside the building leading into the restroom. The couple wore traditional wedding attire and after exchanging vows they pushed the button and danced to Randy Travis’ song “Forever and Ever, Amen.” Alistock said she’s seen the negative comments posted online but claims it doesn’t faze her because she’s enjoying her “amazing life” and is happy to be married to the love-of-her-life. She says they’ve known they’d be married since they met and that’s all that matters to her.

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