Letitia James’s Inconsistencies Surface

(Daily360.com) Democrat New York Attorney General Leticia James is being looked at for potentially taking part in a real estate deal on the opposite side of her case against Trump. The property in question is a mansion on Manhattan’s famous Fifth Avenue that has historical significance and cultural cachet.

The building is linked to Irish immigrants and has been operated by the Irish Historical Society for years. The property is managed by New York’s Irish American Cahill family. Dr. Kevin Cahill had been presiding over the building and was often accused of not respecting the non-profit management and treating it as his own “private club.” Among the things Cahill was criticized over was the hiring of his son, Christopher Cahill, as executive director at a six-figure salary.

The building was facing foreclosure when the group secured a loan from a wealthy Georgia businessman who was looking to reconnect with his Irish heritage. James Doyle gave the board a $3 million loan based on an $80 million valuation to keep the building solvent. After just a couple of months Doyle suspected things were not as they were presented. Christopher Cahill almost came to blows with the director of a play being put on at the building. Dr. Cahill decided to sell the building in 2021. He initially listed it for $52 million before lowering the price to $44 million, but no buyers came forward.

Dr. Cahill died in 2022 and in stepped Leticia James to oppose any potential sale. She declared the building was an “amazing place” and stated her will to “save it.” AG James appointed her own board of directors and Doyle was dissuaded from collecting his $3 million or initiating foreclosure. After some time of not being paid, Doyle started foreclosure proceedings and James used her power to stop him. Doyle has now initiated a lawsuit against James and is requesting any information indicating that she may have used this property for her own purposes. The lawsuit also alleges the $80 million valuation was grossly inflated and the real valuation was likely closer to $20 million.

Critics point out that James, who went after Trump for allegedly overvaluing his properties despite his paying back all loans with interest and no aggrieved party, is now on the other side in this situation. She is fighting to not repay a loan to man who lent to borrowers for a property that was likely overvalued. Trump was hit with a $355 million fine imposed on him by a NYC judge, a ruling James was so happy with that she has taken to tweeting the interest accrued each day.

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