Public Opinion on the Drug Fight

( – Americans are feeling pretty down about the country’s handling of the drug problem, at least according to the latest Gallup survey. The vibe is a bit gloomy, with a record 52% saying the U.S. has taken a step back in dealing with illegal drugs. That’s a buzzkill. Only 24% think there’s progress, and 23% believe things are just stuck in a rut.

Drug overdose deaths have been on the rise, especially from synthetic opioids like fentanyl. In 2019, 41% of Americans were feeling optimistic, and only 30% thought the U.S. was on a downward spiral. Things were usually a mixed bag before, but now the majority is not feeling the high.

Republicans are throwing a real pity party. A whopping 75% of them believe the U.S. is losing the battle, and only a measly 12% think there’s any progress. Democrats, on the other hand, are a bit more hopeful, with 40% seeing improvement and 27% thinking it’s going downhill. Independents, well, they’re not too thrilled either, with 52% seeing a nosedive and only 22% believing in an upward trajectory.

This is a big shift from the good old days of 1999 and 2000 when almost half the crowd (47%) thought the U.S. was making strides in handling the drug scene.

Nationally, a whopping 74% think the drug problem is very serious. It’s like everyone is sharing the same neighborhood watch app. Locally, though, only 35% think it’s extremely or very serious. They’re not sweating the small stuff on their block.

Everyone seems to agree that the national drug issue is a big deal. Republicans (86%), Independents (74%), and Democrats (63%) are all nodding along. Republicans are a bit more jittery, with 62% thinking it’s extremely serious, the highest level recorded by Gallup for any party group.

So, in the current drug scene, the vibes are low, and the future seems uncertain. Maybe next year’s presidential election will bring in some fresh beats on how to handle the nation’s drug problem.

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