The SHOCKINGLY Clear Link between Migrants and Crime

( Democrat politicians and their media mouthpieces regularly preach that illegal aliens do not increase crime in the United States but a look inside the numbers indicates otherwise. The recent gruesome murders of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, high school student Lizbeth Medina, and 20-year-old Kayla Hamilton, are often described by partisans as “isolated incidents” but that looks to be a false claim.

A 2021 Department of Justice (DOJ) survey showed that 64% of all federal arrests were of illegal aliens in 2018. The number of illegal aliens in the US in 2018 is estimated to have been about seven million, a number that is dwarfed by the totals of 2023. The Federation for American Immigration Reform conducted a study in 2019 that analyzed data from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP), a federal organization and the state-run Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). The study concluded that illegal aliens were committing crimes at a rate of three times that of American citizens.

Then in 2021, the Center for Immigration Studies analyzed more Texas DPS data and determined that illegal aliens accounted for a much higher rate of crimes like assault, sexual assault, and murder than American citizens or legal immigrants. The media and politicians often conflate legal and illegal immigrants within the nation when they say immigrants commit less crime on average than American citizens.

Illegal aliens have already been setting up complex criminal networks throughout the US. The primarily Salvadorian MS-13 gang had already created a large network to distribute drugs within the US that has only grown stronger in the last few years. Additionally, Tren de Aragua, the Venezuelan gang, has recently established itself and is now gripping New York City and its boroughs with an organized and often violent thievery ring. They typically prey on women by assaulting and robbing them on city streets.

Other aliens within NYC have been caught fighting police, shooting at police, rioting in the streets, and committing other felonies. These crimes are often underreported by the media and undercharged by notoriously easy on crime Democrat district attorneys.

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