Trump Fundraiser Shatters Records – Largest Event In History

( Former President Donald Trump has been chided recently about his lower fundraising totals than his presidential opponent Joe Biden. The Biden team had begun to refer to Trump as “Broke Don” because of Trump’s mounting legal bills combined with what had been stagnant fundraising numbers. The difference was amplified by the media following the day Trump went to the memorial service for fallen NYPD Officer Brendan Diller, as Biden along with Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton took part in a star-studded Radio City Music Hall fundraiser for the current president.

The Radio City fundraiser netted an impressive $26 million for the Biden campaign. However, Trump’s campaign just received a cash infusion and surpassed Biden’s Radio City total in just one night. Trump held a $250,000 per-plate dinner at the Palm Beach home of billionaire John Paulson and raised $50.5 million. Sitting at Trump’s table cost diner’s an $814,600 donation and all seats were taken. Trump was joined by his wife, Melania, for this event and it was announced she will be hosting a Republican LGBT event on April 20th.

Trump said he is confident about the coming election as people increasingly join with him and contribute because they are desperate to change the current course of the nation. Trump reiterated his belief that the coming November 5th election is the most important in the country’s history.

Republican Party officials who were present at the event said attendees share the same fears about Biden’s border policies, inflation, and other numerous failings as all other Americans. Billionaire Robert Murcer and his daughter Rebekah co-chaired the event despite reports that they were unwilling to commit to supporting Trump after the 2022 midterm elections.

Despite Trump’s large one-night haul, the Democrats announced they raised more than $90 million in March and have nearly $200 million in their coffers. Trump was joined at the dinner by former primary rivals Vivek Ramaswamy, Governor Doug Burgum and Senator Tim Scott. Trump spoke to attendees about his current legal situation and its possible connection to Biden and other key administration personnel.

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