Trump to Assemble MAGA Senate

( Donald Trump is flexing his political muscle in Senate races and it has both parties on edge. During the current primary season Donald Trump’s endorsement seems to carry more weight than all other endorsements combined. The most recent example in Ohio has polls showing GOP candidates Bernie Moreno and Matt Dolan in a virtual tie until Moreno received Trump’s endorsement.

Despite Dolan being well-known in Ohio as a current state senator, owner of the Cleveland Guardians (formerly Indians) baseball team, and receiving the endorsements of the sitting governor Mike DeWine and its former senator Rob Portman, Dolan lost by 20 points. Trump held a rally for Moreno, made the now infamous “bloodbath” statement, and Moreno cruised to victory.

Trump has endorsed other candidates in prime position for the party nomination in several traditionally red states as well. Kari Lake in Arizona, Steve Daines in Montana, and Jim Justice in West Virginia are three Trump-endorsed candidates who could join the Senate in 2025. Political experts are pointing out that should Trump candidates win elections in larger numbers, his policies could have staying power beyond a potential second term.

If Trump is able to get more senators who align with his platform, he would have a far less grueling road ahead of him than he did during his first term. Despite receiving a tacit endorsement from Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, the two GOP leaders have traded insults frequently in the past. McConnell withheld campaign funding from several Trump endorsed candidates during 2022 midterm elections and then blamed the losses on the poor quality and candidates.

McConnell has also lost power in the age of Trump, having recently announced he will not seek the GOP Senate leadership position after this term. Mainstream media outlets are sounding the alarm that despite the various efforts of so many, Trump’s power may be increasing heading into November and beyond.

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