Bidens Desperate Bid To Win Young Votes – Another Bailout

( As Joe Biden’s poll numbers continue to sag, critics say he’s now trying to buy votes. The accusation is being made because Biden is once again trying to wipe away college loan debt from certain borrowers. Biden was thwarted by the Supreme Court when he tried to take similar action in 2023. This action will likely be challenged as well and may not stand but it won’t be concluded before the November presidential election.

Biden’s plan uses a new legal theory that tries to take advantage of a 1965 law signed by Lyndon Baines Johnson. Under this theory, Biden is trying to go through the education secretary and wipe away the interest on loans taken out by roughly 30 million borrowers. Emphasizing the usual Democrat talking point of race, Biden is highlighting that his executive order will most help Latino and black people that attended community colleges. Biden says these people were victims of their own loans because they didn’t have the finances available to complete the work needed to earn a degree.

The debt would still remain for the borrowers; Biden’s plan only affects the accrued interest of qualified debtors. They need to prove they meet the annual income requirement to qualify. Biden spoke in Wisconsin and painted those who took out the loans as victims, he said many of the “folks” who borrowed money are burdened with debt for years and decades after graduating.

The RNC tweeted about what they see as the Biden’s hypocrisy; he declared that he cannot close the border by executive action but does believe he can eliminate portions of student debt. Biden’s poll numbers among minorities and the youth are sounding alarms for Democrat strategists. They don’t see their usual coalition coming together as it has in the past due in large part to the perception of Biden as weak and compromised.

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