Democrats Shifting Towards New Political Strategy

( Democrat politicians, especially the women, seem to be pivoting even more to the abortion issue in order to win elections. Their new strategy is to detail their own abortions as a means to garner support among an electorate that may not like restrictions on the procedure. A woman named Marilyn Lands won a House district seat in Northern Alabama over her Republican opponent by more than 25 points after utilizing this approach.

Lands described the abortion of her “nonviable pregnancy” during her campaign because she said it “felt like the right thing to do.” Although the Alabama Republicans still maintain a strong super majority within the state, Lands’ margin of victory has made others take notice. Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President, Heather Williams, applauds Lands and says women telling their stories make the abortion issue more personal to voters. She believes that more female candidates should follow Lands’ lead because it will “resonate” with voters. Williams points out that Lands lost an election for the same seat by seven points in 2022 and came back to achieve this blowout win by telling her story.

Alabama has some of the strictest abortion regulations in the country. It does not allow for rape, incest, or other popular carve outs that are present in most other states. Democrat strategists believe this is their path toward making inroads and gaining power in deep red states.

Eva Burch, a member of the Arizona state House made waves and went a bit viral on social media when she detailed her efforts to terminate her pregnancy. Burch said she was given “misinformation” from her doctor about abortion. She said she wants more people to see abortion as healthcare and remove any stigma the procedure may have attached to it.

In Georgia, Rep. Shea Roberts says she ran for office because she was inspired to make abortions easier to get. Roberts lost in 2019 before winning in 2022 due to the strength of the pro-abortion vote. Roberts said she decided to start speaking out about the abortion she’d had years prior in order to “connect with women” and give voice to those who support non-restrictive abortion laws.

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